Rain & Terrain

Science Center Singapore

Rain & Terrain is an augmented reality sandbox. Visitors can change the sandy terrain and the projected landscape changes accordingly. They can also hold out their hand and make it rain.

I developed this version of the sandbox to use the new Microsoft Azure Kinect depth camera and created custom 3D–printed sand toys to model Southeast Asian hydrology.

Rain & Terrain was installed in 2020 by Science Centre Singapore as part of the Earth Alive! exhibition built for Science Centre Singapore by the Exploratorium.

A father, mother, son, and daughter with their hands both above and in the sand of an adult-waist-heigh sandbox with colorful projections on it. The projection's colors correspond to the height of the hills and valleys created in the sand. In the sand there are sand toys in the shapes of a dam, forest, rows of palm trees, a city with talk buildings and wide streets, and a terraced rice paddy. Some of the visitors are holding out their hands, which makes rainwater appear and flow on the sand under the shadow of their hands.
Four images of the sand with different colors representing hills, lower altitudes, and water depressions.

Terrain color map experiments.

Four images of white 3D-printed models about 10cm long and 4cm wide on a wooden industrial-looking tabletop. The models are of (in clockwise order): a city, three rows of three palm trees, a terraced rice paddy, and a forest with deciduous trees.

The city, palm oil plantation, rice paddy, and forest sand toys. Not pictured: dam sand toy.

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